EmSys Summer School
at the University of Salzburg
June 30 – July 2, 2003

aula of the university library, Hofstallgasse 4 (map)
in the city center across the Salzburg festival house

The EmSys Summer School took place in the realm of
The EmSys Summer School cooperated with ARTIST-Embedded.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pree (CS, University of Salzburg)
Dr. Christoph Kirsch (EECS, University of California at Berkeley)


30 June 2003


embedded systems foundations,
time-triggered paradigm

10.00 - 10.15 h Welcome notes by
– the president of the University of Salzburg, Prof. Dr. H. Schmidinger
– MR Mag. Reinhard Goebl, bm:vit (Austrian ministry for transport,
innovation and technology)
  10.15 - 11.15 h Embedded systems and real-time programming
opening keynote by Prof.emerit. Dr. Niklaus Wirth, ETH Zürich
coffee break

11.45 - 13.00 h

Principles of real-time programming
by Dr. Christoph Kirsch, EECS, University of California at Berkeley

lunch break (1 hour)

14.00-15.15 h


The Time-Triggered (TT) Paradigm
by Dr. Günther Bauer, Technical University Vienna, Real-Time Systems Group (Prof. Dr. Kopetz)
Presentation of the TT concepts

coffee break

15.45-16.45 h


Modeling Time-Triggered Applications based on the TTA
by Dr. Carsten Weich,
TTTech, Vienna
Presentation of TTTech's modeling tool support, case study


16.45-17.45 h


Modeling Time-Triggered Applications based on FlexRay
by Dr. Dietmar Millinger,
DeComSys, Vienna
Presentation of DeComSys' modeling tool support, case study


01 July 2003


embedded software models, components

09.00-11.15 h


From control models to real-time code using Giotto
by Dr. Christoph Kirsch (EECS, University of California at Berkeley) and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pree (CS, University of Salzburg)

Based on a presentation of the Giotto concepts we illustrate how the Giotto language and tools support a platform-independent development of embedded systems and how embedded
(sub-)systems become composable.

coffee break
11.45-13.00 h xGiotto: A Programming Language with Flexible-Logic
Execution Time Semantics for Real-time Embedded Systems

Dr. Marco Sanvido (EECS, University of California at Berkeley)

lunch break (1 hour)
  14.00-15.45 h

Modelling the architecture of embedded real-time systems
by Adj.Prof. Bran Selic (Principal Engineer at the IBM Software Group–Rational Software)

coffee break
  16.15-18.00 h

Object-oriented development for concurrent and real-time systems
by Prof. Dr. Bertrand Meyer (ETH Zurich)

  18.00 h -  
social event, free bus transfer from the summer school site:
– guided tour of the trick fountains at Hellbrunn Palace
Heuriger Friesacher  
Wednesday 02 July 2003


embedded systems–visions, perspectives & challenges

  09.00-15.15 h

A series of keynote presentations by high-profile speakers captures visions, perspectives and challenges in embedded systems development.

09.00-09.30 h Embedded Systems in the 6th Framework Programme
Dr. Konstantinos Glinos (EC-IST) Head of Embedded Systems Unit
09.30-10.00 h Challenges in Automotive Software Engineering: From Demands to Solutions
Prof. Dr. Manfred Broy (TU Munich)
10.00-10.30 h Dependable Embedded Control Systems—a look ahead
Prof. Dr. Hermann Kopetz (TU Vienna)
coffee break
11.00-11.30 h Trusted Components
Prof. Dr. Bertrand Meyer (ETH Zurich)
11.30-12.00 h Current research trends in mobile computing
Prof. Dr. Heikki Saikkonen (Nokia Research, Helsinki)
12.00-12.30 h Embedded systems roadmaps in the European Union
DI Erwin Schoitsch, Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf (ARCS)
lunch break
14.00-14.15 h Welcome note by Dr. Ingolf Schädler, Director Innovation at the bm:vit (Austrian ministry for transport, innovation and technology)
14.15-14.45 h The engineering of software
Adj.Prof. Bran Selic (IBM Software Group–Rational Software)
14.45-15.15 h Embedded systems—challenges and work directions for Europe
Prof. Dr. Joseph Sifakis (Director of Verimag, Grenoble)
15.15-16.15 h A panel discussion where the field of Embedded Systems is heading follows the keynote presentations and rounds out the summer school.

panelists: all keynote speakers

Predictions (15 KB PDF document) of keynote speakers for 2008.

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